Lily, Ivy and Winged Cello

(or Signs on the cover of new Apocalyptica album)

Design by GR/DD

The cover of new Apocalyptica album "Worlds Collide" is full of simbols. As usually it was made by Dirk Rudolph.
And as usually you may see the cello and the scull - the constant simbols on Apocalyptica album covers combined in organic whole. The Lily and Ivy garlands the Winged Celloscull. Well, let's look to the picture and try to read the secret message.

The Lily

In Pagan Greek civilization the lily was dedicated to the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. It was also a popular flower in ancient Jewish civilization. It is mentioned in the old testament as well as the new. With the advance of Christianity, the lily became the symbol of chastity and virtue. In both the Christian and pagan popular tradition, the significance of the lily as a fertility symbol coincides. In Greek marriage ceremonies the priest places over the brides head a crown of lilies garnished with ears of wheat, as a symbol of purity and abundance.

The lily has no true medicinal value although at one time it was thought to posses certain medicinal virtues. It was thought to have magical properties and there were thousands of recipes in Elizabethan times for the use of lilies in the treatment of fever or as a unguent containing lily root for cleaning wounds, burns and sores. As well as relieving rheumatic and arthritic symptoms.

The Ivy (Hedera)

Like other evergreens, Ivy has been seen as a symbol for eternity and immortality and it was thought that the tree spirits of the bare woods could find shelter and hope in its greenery. Also it simbolize a friendship, devotion and fidelity. The Ivy is an attribute of pagan gods Osiris and Bacchus (another attribute of Bacchus is a goat).

The Wings

Wings are symbols of freedom, purity and life after physical death. This symbol can be found everywhere round the world include Turkey, Mongolia and India.

Also the wings symbolize a fairness, search of spirituality. In ancient Greek theology the wings symbolized a divinity and was an attribute of good Gods. The wings is a symbol of spirituality in all cultural traditions. Wings are assigned to a person who has overcome a long, difficult and dangerous way of understanding the whole world. Also Wings symbolize a knowledge.

Wings - an attributes of quickly moving gods-envoys - also means the abilities to the relations between people and Gods. The open wings - the divine protection or the heavenly veil protecting from furious heat of the Sun. The shadow of wings - means the divine protection and trust.

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