Transcription of the video-interview with Eicca Toppinen

from "Worlds Сollide" Delux DVD, 2007

We met first at Rock-Am-Ring, when they were touring with Slipknot, and later we met when he was touring with Stonesour, at some festival. It was good relation from the start and we had this song we think, ok, it's hard lyrics, it's cool lyrics, there must be a guy who can personally sing the song, who really can carry the song, it's a great song but it's not simple to carry this kind of song, it's strong lyrics. We asked Corey and he first second he was like: "yeah, yeah definitely", he was with it, with the project.

It's been cool to work with him, he actually recorded the voice in America because his schedule was insane with Stonesour at this time, and we flew in there, and we shoot the video in Los Angeles, and we met in Japan, actually coincidently had the great shows in the same day with Stonesour in Turkey, just 6 weeks ago, it was great, he's a great guy, great singer, he's a big rock star in a good meaning, I think Corey is going to be a real big rock vocalist for the next years, he's gonna pop up you know, he is already very respected and very high profile guy, he's presents in the video and in the songs is unbelievable, so for us it was just pure pleasure to work with him. Hopefully we can do it live at some point, you know, would be great to do.

The lyrics are a simple but cool way of telling about this kid who has grown up being teased and misunderstood and maltreated with wrong power by his father, well it could be whoever, but it was his father who was using gymnastic tool for his own violence against the child and now this guy has grown up and he is singing about that he wants to be there when his world is crushing down, and tell him that he is not Jesus, he can't forgive, maybe Jesus would forgive, but he is not so good as Jesus and he just can't forgive.

In a way it's very simple lyrics, but the coolest thing about lyrics is that I think that almost everybody in the world can somehow feel the same kind of feelings, it doesn't need to be against the parents or father, can be that feeling that somebody has treated you badly, didn't give you personality and space and whatever, being violent to you, and you felt your anger against that.

The song is all about that you know, and difficulty to forgive certain things, because the kids they never forgive anything, and for us it's important thing that we are all at the age basically, around this ages you start to faze the facts that maybe in the childhood however was not correct and everything was not running smooth, all the people, all the adults around you, maybe didn't do right things to you. You start to figure out, where you come from, why you come and where you want to go, and almost always that thing bring aggressive and negative feelings against some other people.
It's important to talk about and have a space for that feeling, and I thing the song is bringing those feelings in a really cool way into the table, and people can enjoy, take their own experience out of it so it's great song and great lyrics.

Transcription by Nataliya
©, 2007

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