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It seems like there's coming some sense to this forum.gut!i guess will be easier to find questions in future... During the last month we have made 9 demos of new material.Good feeling that the work has started(even we are already very tired because of too many sleepless nights,all the time thinking what could be made better...and so on...)
But, it's encouraging to hear some stuff already even in it's very rough format. nice songs.
So, the thing is like studio work will continue and then we have holiday.finally!(the whole july is off-what we're waiting like hell)
I had very nice tour in beautiful South-American countries, and i'll definitely come back with the whole group of bastards! and this will happen next autumn.
I guess we already have a chat-date...should be something like 21st???not really sure, but we'll see. anyway it will happen soon. So, see you then (or whenever that is) and meanwhile have fun and drink lots of water!
- p -

Himera XXX
Terve, Perttu!

1 When Apo in tour, do You have your own chairs on the stage? Or you try to find some chairs in the backstage before the concert?
2 In different times your beard has the different colors, what does it mean?
3 Do You say "Yes!!!!!!" when G. Lucas ask You: "Hi, Perttu! Do You want to be "Chubacca" in my next "Star Wars" episode?"
4 Perttu, do You want (some day) to have the silver ear-rings like Eicca or Me?
5 Who is the most weirdy man in your band?

Jou...This new forum is nice...
1. Earlier we didn't have own chairs but maybe in the future 'cause sometimes it's making the life(or maybe just the playing) too complicated if you don't have so comfortable place to s(h)it...
2. Clothes are black like the mind...or sometimes they are white or even pink... ;) guess the beard is the same than my eyes...depending on the mood.. or maybe there's nothing mysterious...öö...??
3. I would prefer to be James Bond. -not more or less....???? !...
4. no silver,or other.or why not.or maybe nichts...
5. This is not too difficult. It HAS to be me. There's no other options!!!

Hei Perttu, I was just wondering how you can play cello and headbang at the same time! I've tried it a couple of times on my cello, but the result was that I smashed my head against my cello, and I don't think that is erm...good. So, do you have any tips for me to headbang and play at the same time? I think it's really cool you can do both, while it's even sounding good! *jealous*

I don't know. It's quite weird...Don't know how it happens.BUT,i always hit the head against the hurts ofcourse,but pain is pleasure...err?

Hey Im a young girl from Iceland and I have just recently become a fan of Apocalyptica. I wanted to ask you if your music was in any way influenced by something and if so what that was???
Thank you

influenced by influenza! and feverdeliriums..
and everykind of music ever heard and liked.also the "happenings" of life gives the feelings to the songs.happiness,and angst.and angst.and melancholy.and angst... öö ...

Terve, Perttu!
Uh... two questions regarding your biography:
1.What would be the "very underground opera rarity"?
2.Why "every morning when I wake up" is a failure?

Дrh.the biography section is so old...two years(now i'm 26..already six minutes...HUI!) the latest album could be...ц,i have only bought dvd:s lately...
everything's changed since those days.we should remake them(bios,not the days).

I asked before, but I thought I'd ask again and add a few more, just in case.

Hei Perttu,

I'm nosy, aren't I, but also bored. Besides - your answers make us laugh and cheer us up, so I hope you'll answer these too.
1. How good a guitarist are you? You say you've been playing for a long time. I mean... can you blast out a Hammett super-solo or is that too easy for you - or too difficult? Do you prefer to play acoustic or electric guitar?
2. Have you ever attempted to play either violin, viola or contra-bass? if so, how were you?
3. What are you like in the kitchen... would you have liked to be on Kokkisota - maybe against Eicca - or would that strike fear into your bowels. Or are you good at cooking. Or do you not go anywhere near sharp implements - just in case?
4, What is the strangest food you've ever eaten?
5. How old and what make is your Herzenbrecher? And will you finish that sentence you didn't finish when you answered my last question about it? :-)
6. We know your middle name - but would you like to embarras the other guys and tell us Eicca, Paavo and Antero's middle names too? There was a bit of dicussion over Eicca's middle name so we'd like you to settle it once and for all.
7. Your new cello looks extremely cool - fit for a (Elessar) king. Did you have it made especially?

Thank you.


I'm actually pretty bad guitarist.I can play some,but nothing really cool.Mostly i like to just jam with it(doesn't matter acoustic or electric)and many times some basic ideas of some songs comes with it.It's because you can't play cello in bed(or it's quite complicated)and most of the best ideas comes during night in the darkness...lying naked with the cold guitar on your skin...oo...maybe i should stop before it's too late...!!!!!!

I've never played seriously.but double bass i tried many times.It's not easy instrument!!!

Kitchen...What's that? ... no,i can do some food. Mostly extremy hot whatever.Chili,Cayenne pepper and jalopenos are good in everything.Or if you have enough of those it doesn't matter what you eat.Even the rotten cucumber tastes good with chili... oo ... ???

Strangest??? ynf...don't know about food but strangest drink i ever had was "kossupiima"...maybe our finnish mates will tell what's that.but it WASN'T really good,actually...

oh,my Herzenbrecher must be jealous to my guitar...but i love "him" too much to risk it's life by getting into bed with me anymore...Anyway the cello is from the beginning of name,but beautifull sound.

Have to admit that i cannot remember the other's middlenames either.Einomatti ,or Eino-Matti...and Paavo is something like Petri...or was it...??? ah...

Cello is black like the mind.

Hello, My name is Rodrigo Paganini and i really want a cover of iron maiden by apocalyptica... I like iron maiden so much...and i'm a "descendent" of Nicollo Paganini and i wanna know... we like paganini's music???

Ps.: Sorry For The Gramatical Errors...I Don't Speak English So Good...I'm From Brazil Land Of Sepultura..


If i'm alive still after 25 years i might be ready to play some "rautaneitsyt"'s good band.definitely.and great songs.

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