Apocalyptica - gig in Luxemburg 11.07.05

Apart from meeting loads of peeps on the forum - old and new, the gig itself was amazing - unfortunately we missed taking pics of this historic occasion because pics weren't allowed.

For me, the fun started when we arrived at the gig and Perttu was standing right there so we talked to him for about 20 mins and as we did, Antero walked past from his run with Mikko, wearing shorts. Yes, the man has legs!!!! I took two pics.

Perttu said the worst part of the tour was to come - Mexico. (he's dreading it) I immediately got down on one knee, took his hand and begged him to marry me. He looked a little taken aback. (shame I'm already married.)

He told us what they were going to do that night - something a little different and boy did they do it in spades. The gig was already amazing. All the guys were in great moods, apart from Eicca who was breaking bows left right and centre. He lost his temper a few times and someone in the audience go a free battered Apo bow, two went flying across the stage. All went great until they started 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' - then Mikko got up, Eicca sat down. Mikko picked up Eicca's cello. Perttu put his cello down and picked up a microphone. Apo then proceeded to perform 'Tolls' with Eicca on drums, Perttu singing (or rather screaming), Mikko attempting to play cello (and making a God awful noise) All this time i was wondering how the hel Antero was able to play. He was almost crying with laughter. He suddenly got up, stood on the drum riser with Mikko and rocked out, head banging and posing like he'd taken lessons from Perttu. As soon as that happened, Paavo stuck his nose in the air and did a brilliant Antero impression.

I could have been knocked over with a feather. I was shocked. Everyone in the audience screamed their heads off... Perttu thrashed his way through the song then everything was back to normal again.

There was loads of ass wiggling going on. Eicca did it in front of Antero and he stared at the wiggling ass for a moment then pulled a face and looke away as if saying 'ewwwwww' then a few songs later Paavo wiggled his ass right in Antero's face, so Antero just planted a shoe in his butt and kicked him away. Tho he was happy to stare at Perttu's butt the whole time Perttu was right in front of him at the start of I.S.

Perttu was crying his eyes out during Farewell. Tears were streaming down his face and he played it beautifully. I think the whole audience was awed. Lots more clowning around by the band, including Eicca and Paavo both attempting to throw Antero off the stage at the end. He was having none of it. Perttu was almost doing the famous fainty Perttu thing, but managed to keep it together, although it was obvious he was suffering. As Eicca said 'We hope you're enjoying yourself because we're dying up here'.

Afterwards, most of the guys just went straight to the bus, apart from Eicca the star who took time, as always, to sign and pose for pics. However, I saw Meelis pointing at me and talking about me in the bus, so I went over and asked him what was up. He immediately said that no one believed I had an Antero tattoo and suddenly all these heads appeared round the corner all wanting to look. Then Meelis said Antero didn't want to come out of the bus to see, but he wanted to see it so could Meelis take a pic, so the whole crew and Mikko were treated <!!!!> to Antero on my ass.

All in all a f*cking fantastic gig - the best yet. It was amazing to see and made better by meeting everyone - the mad Dutchies Sundqvist, Dina, Regje, Ina, Ane, Elanore, Less, Sonia... and everyone else either for the first time of for yet another time.

I had an amazing day and really, i only have one thing to say.

What a GREAT gig!

Terrë Yuki
© www.apocello.ru, 2005

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