Apocalyptica - "Bittersweet"

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The cellos are back in town. For everyone who hasn't heard of Apocalyptica yet, imagine a classical version of Metallica, but I'm not talking about the 'S&M' project. Apocalyptica started their career covering Metallica songs with four cellos (sic!). Instead of covers (e.g. Sepultura, Pantera) they write their own songs now, some of them recorded with vocals, for example with the help of Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes) and Linda Sundblad (Lambretta).

For the new single 'Bittersweet' two very special guests contribute the vocals. Ville Valo, lead vocalist of the pop-goths HIM, plays the dark side, while Lauri Ylцnen, singer of The Rasmus, is responsible for the lighter shades. Two chart toppers supporting Apocalyptica - this has to be a hit. At least it has been good enough for the developers of "Die Siedler" (whatever this game's called in English, The Settlers !?), as they have chosen it as the main song for their new game.

But now for the song itself. The first sounds, played in a rather classical style, create some kind of dramatic scene, time for goose bumps, isn't it? Talking about goose bumps, time for Ville Valo, who has just got out of his grave - his voice just sounds like that. Lauri's bright voice is the perfect contrast, day and night can't be more different than that, but it simply fits. So what do we have here - two great singers, guitar-like cellos and classical-sounding cellos, supported by a slowish drum rhythm - che bello!

The sceptics are proven wrong once again, because this is probably the best song ever written by Apocalyptica - considering the big hits of the past, it's really something. Add Apocalyptica's increasing fame with two more than well-known singers - you've the biggest hit of those three guys. For sure they deserve it.

Translation by Walter Kraus

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