Interview with Apocalyptica for Barks show

Transcription of the video-interview, Japan 2007

Perttu: Hello boys and girls!

Mikko: and girls!

Paavo: and girls!

Perttu: and boys!

Mikko: and if somebody watches this show "Barks"!

Perttu: we are Apocalyptica from Finland!

Mikko: Hello girls!

Paavo: Beware!!

Perttu: Boys!

Mikko: Girls!

Perttu: Ladies!

Mikko: Barks!

Perttu: We must breathe in (Laughs)

Mikko: the questions will start out so you must answer like…fast the questions

Perttu: We do! (Laughs)

Perttu: Yesterday evening we had our first show in Japan, in Tokyo and it was fabuoulosly brilliant and we really loved it and we wish we have many many many other possibilities to come again to Japan.

Mikko: Thank you!!

Perttu: To play rock music with cellos is basically not as difficult as it sounds, but off course it is more difficult than the guitar, because of the tuning, and we have to take care of the more things than with the regular rock instruments, but seriously, it's really fun.

Paavo: and the cello is heavy

Mikko: (about Paavo) Yeah, and he is heavier than I am! (Laughs)

Perttu: The new thing about "I'm not Jesus" it's that it is kind of a regular rock track, really straight forward, deep mooted and it reveals a really serious story about a child which has suffered something bad, nasty in the childhood. Corey is absolutely really really brilliant and powerful in this track.

Mikko: It's a really power rock song and I'm sure you will love it. We do!

Perttu: Arigato! Apocalyptica is looking forward to have the opportunity to work properly in Japan; we want to visit here more often, at least already next year, or even this year. We want to tour in here with other concert. Yesterday's concert showed so strong and positive reaction out of the audience.

Paavo: and yes, it was really great!

Mikko: Yes!

Paavo: We loved that! And we want to come back!

Mikko: We hopefully will tour in Japan and getting to see more few great people.

Perttu: Our...

Paavo: new...

Mikko: album...

Perttu: is...

Paavo: coming...

Mikko: in...

Perttu: September!

Paavo: Don't...

Mikko: miss...

Perttu: it!

Transcription by Nataliya
©, 2007

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